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Who’s who in the TSKA

Sensei Peter Manning, TSKA Chief Instructor – 7th Dan

Sensei Peter Manning 7th Dan has been practising karate for over 40 years and teaching for over 30. He started karate within the KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) of which he was a member for many years. Between 1990 – 1993 he was a founder member and Senior Instructor with the BSBJK (British Shotokan Bu Jutsu Kai) now known as the BSKU (British Shotokan Karate Union).

Sensei Manning is the Chairman of the TSKA. He originally formed the Association in order to be able to offer Shotokan clubs a group that would be non-political and friendly, but that continues to offer a high standard of insurance, administration and supports the club in its own autonomy.

For many years Sensei Manning held the role of Vice Chairman of NAKMAS (National Association of Karate and Martial Arts Schools). He also advised the NAKMAS Technical Committee on matters relating to Shotokan Karate. With a restructure of the NAKMAS committee Peter was promoted to the Chair of the newly formed NAKMAS Technical Committee in 2009 which has since been disbanded.

Peter is a fully qualified coach (NVQ Level III) also passing the Equality Awareness Development Module through the NAKMAS Coach Development Programme.

Peter was presented with the prestigious Combat Hall of Fame award in 2001, 2003 and 2011. He also acts as a martial arts correspondent for Radio Wiltshire and Gold Radio and also led a team of karate instructors in a demonstration featured on BBC TV.
Peter often trains with Senior Shotokan Japanese and European Instructors as he is a firm believer that you never stop learning and that your own standards should always been maintained which can only be achieved through training.

Sensei John Euden, TSKA Assistant Chief Instructor and Dan Grade examiner – 6th Dan

Sensei John Euden has been training since 1982 gaining his kyu gradings under Ray Fuller and his Shodan with the BSBJK where he originally met Sensei Manning.

His club joined the FSKI where he attained his Nidan, then subsequently joined the JKA where he was able to train with all visiting Japanese instructors to the UK and where he attained his Sandan.

Sensei Euden believes in training with equal emphasis on all aspects of the three k’s – kihon, kata and kumite.

Sensei Euden was promoted to TSKA Assistant Chief Instructor in May 2009 at the Devon Residential Course. He is a superb all round karateka and does a great deal behind the scenes for the association.

John has also passed the Equality Awareness Development Module through the NAKMAS Coach Development Programme.

Sensei Bill Gorthy, TSKA Senior Instructor and Dan Grade examiner – 7th Dan

Sensei Bill Gorthy started Shotokan Karate in January 1972 with Dempsey’s karate school, Dundee, Scotland. He formed Tayside Shotokan karate academy in 1998 running five clubs throughout the east coast and he finally formed Jersey Shotokan Karate in January 2006 with a handful of students and since then the club has grown in strength and numbers.

Sensei Gorthy was very close to Sensei Kase and has many contacts in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France and this brings a wealth of knowledge. In his “younger days” Sensei Gorthy competed at National and International levels in England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Bela Russia, Spain, Portugal and Hong Kong.

Following a visit by Peter to teach in Jersey, Bill joined the TSKA in 2015.
Bill has also passed the Equality Awareness Development Module through the NAKMAS Coach Development Programme.

Sensei Dawn Henderson, TSKA Welfare Officer – 1st Dan

Dawn who trains with Peter in his Mere & District Karate Clubs is the appointed Welfare Officer for the TSKA.

The role of the TSKA Welfare Officer is to abide by a code of ethics to protect all children and vulnerable adults that come into the care of TSKA clubs. This entails that I ensure that all adults who are in charge of these groups either as instructors, assistants or parents who help as volunteers have all undergone enhanced disclosure through the Disclosure and Barry Service (DBS).

Please see the guide to a DBS check, as instructors within the TSKA any application you put forward for an instructor/assistant instructor requires the applicant receiving certification following a DBS check. The revised Instructors application form can be found in the members section.

In the meantime if you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me through the TSKA email address or mail it to the TSKA if confidential marking it to my attention and writing CONFIDENTIAL on the envelope.

Pat Manning, TSKA Secretary – 3rd Dan

Pat Manning, is the Secretary of the TSKA. She organises all the events including courses, gradings, Annual Residential Course and the TSKA Party she also undertakes the production of all TSKA literature and the day to day administration of the group.