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Individuals wishing to join the TSKA

Individuals may become members of the Traditional Shotokan Karate Association by joining a TSKA club and purchasing a TSKA licence.

The minimum age for joining and training with the TSKA is 3 years old. This is a guideline only and some clubs may have a different minimum age based on their own criteria. You should always check this with the club instructor (Sensei). Please also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

There is no maximum age limit for joining and training with the TSKA, and indeed we have many members in their 70’s and over who continue to train hard on a very regular basis.

Joining the TSKA as an individual member

All TSKA clubs will be able to supply the appropriate information and licence application forms. Licence application forms can also be downloaded here  . This licence provides appropriate insurance cover.

The TSKA insurers provide cover (budo licence) to new TSKA club members to train at a TSKA club for up to 4 weeks allowing them time to apply for and receive a licence.

Existing TSKA members may also renew their licences using the same form.

Downloadable/Printable Form

Use the above link for the PDF document that can be completed and submitted to your instructor with the payment.