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Clubs wishing to join the TSKA

Clubs are welcome to submit applications to join (affiliate to) the TSKA.

Each application by a club to affiliate to the TSKA is checked and acceptance will be conditional on that club agreeing to abide by the TSKA Constitution and Rules.

If you are looking to teach or associate to a group that promotes high technical standards and etiquette without the egos that so many groups have inherently, then maybe we are what you are looking for.

If you require any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact the TSKA.

How to affiliate your club to the Traditional Shotokan Karate Association

Clubs may apply for affiliation of the TSKA by contacting the TSKA Headquarters

The minimum grade for a regular TSKA Instructor is lst Dan. This is in order to maintain a high technical standard. In certain cases an exception can be made to this rule.

For clubs wishing to join the TSKA more information on the benefits of affiliation and how to apply can be found by clicking here.